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Code Snippets July 12th, 2015 • James Monek • No tags.

When developing WordPress templates, you will need to navigate the blog structure to access the assets of your blog. Some useful php code snippets are below.

The following returns

For the path to your theme directory use the following. This can be useful if you need to reference images. There are many additional uses of Bloginfo

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"#WordPress: Best Practices on AWS" #aws

Get details on the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ SBC: (Image courtesy of Raspberry Pi)

Very slick - Komiser #AWS Environment Inspector - - Nice work & nice post, @mlabouardy ! (code is on GitHub)

Coming in Fall 2018 for everyone except @hebemania, who refuses to give up her @BlackBerry, LUApps! FMI about the pilot: 😻💻📱🖥

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