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Like many of us who get started in blogging and web design, I first turned to shared web hosting providers to host various websites for family and friends. Attracted by low costs, easy to use control panels and one-click installations. While shared web hosting providers freed me from managing server and software updates, I grew increasing frustrated with lock-in, lack of flexibility and poor support.

With the release of Docker 1.8, Docker has replaced Boot2Docker with Docker Toolbox. Docker Toolbox provides an ideal platform environment to learn Docker without having to manually install and configure a virtual machine and Docker on your desktop.

A question I am often asked, is will containers replace virtual machines? With containers being lightweight, portable and with fast startup time, it would seem to be a no brainer. While containers are not all that entirely new, the technology has been evolving rapidly in the past few years, especially with Docker and recently with Microsoft entering the marketplace.

When developing Wordpress templates, you will need to navigate the blog structure to access the assets of your blog. Some useful php code snippets are below.

Plenty of new announcements at the recent DockerCon 2015, it looks to be an interesting year using containers. Below are some good articles, videos and other information on new features such as Docker 1.7, Open Containers, Security and networking improvements.

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#Veeam Restore Windows Agent to #VM via @bonzovt

"Give Your #WordPress Blog a Voice With Our New #Amazon #Polly Plugin" #aws

Introducing the AWS Instance Scheduler, a brand-new AWS solution!

#Kibana 6.2.0 is released! Now with SAML support and 'Add Data' tutorials on the home page.

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